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What is the Cupid Lift™ Procedure?

The Cupid Lip Lift™ is a unique lip enhancement procedure pioneered and perfected by Dr. Ben Talei to modify and improve the contour, shape, and volume of the lips. Also known as a deep plane upper lip lift, it is a truly groundbreaking surgical treatment that reverses engineers lip excision for unparalleled balance and natural appearing results.

What areas of the lip does the Cupid Lift™ focus on?

The Cupid Lip Lift™ gets its name from the independent relaxed skin tension lines on the lip, as described by Dr. Talei. The lines are called central, peak, intermediate, and diagonal (CPID), which naturally calls to mind the word “Cupid.” Dr. Talei uses precise markings on these lines to design the plan for your lips’ shape, display, and slope.

How does Dr. Ben Talei perform the Cupid Lift™ procedure?

Dr. Ben Talei uses a subnasal incision to access the SMAS layer and subsequent muscle layer for precise alterations that affect the lips. In this way, he can achieve corrections to the lip corners, subnasal area, vermillion, and other areas as necessary, while allowing for free muscle movement after the procedure is completed.

What does Cupid Lift™ mean?

Cupid refers to the design markings drawn on the lip before starting the surgery. The Cupid name was derived from the independent Relaxed Skin Tension Lines on the lip as described by Dr. Talei. Central, Peak, Intermediate, and Diagonal spell out CPID and from there you have our name Cupid. These are the marking lines used to design what the lip will look like, allowing us to control the shape, slope, and display of the lip. The Diagonal line also helps differentiate between the subfacial and subnasal lip and determine which patients will need a corner lip lift. The subfacial lip doesn’t lift very much with subnasal lip lifting or fillers.

Is the Cupid Lift™ procedure customizable?

Various aspects of the Cupid Lip Lift™ are customizable, such as the Type 1 or Type 2 corner lift or corrections to the internal/inferior lip border. A unique hypochlorous solution and hyperbaric oxygen are used to speed the healing and recovery process. Also, Dr. Talei prefers to treat your incisions with a CO2 laser one or two times post-procedure to help eliminate scarring. Your results are perfectly beautiful lips that appear natural and show no indications of surgery or corrections.

What Are the Results of A Cupid Lift ™ Procedure?

The end result of a lip lift is subtle, but the benefits are substantial. Several changes are noted almost immediately:

Shortening of the lip length between the nose and mouth
Increased tooth show
Increased sensuality of the mouth
Shortening of the perceived length of the lower midface
Turning the Cupid’s bow upwards – lip eversion
Increasing the volume of the pink and white lip
Improvement of lipstick bleed lines and wrinkles
Subtle improvement of the corners of the mouth
Makes the lips and lower face appear younger
Improves the definition of the philtral columns and Cupid’s bow

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