LATISSE® Treatment


What is LATISSE®?

The key ingredient in LATISSE® is bimatoprost, a hair-growth stimulant. This serum that is applied to the eyelashes is FDA-approved for cosmetic treatment of thin eyelashes, and it is used off-label for enhanced eyebrows. The treatment is only available through prescription, but it can be performed at home once you have your prescription. Most patients begin noticing longer, thicker and darker eyelashes or eyebrows within four weeks after they start their treatment.

The Treatment

LATISSE® is a liquid that is applied to the eyelashes once a day. These eye drops are safe and effective- the active ingredient was first used as a treatment for glaucoma and eye pressure – one of the side effects of the bimatoprost was longer, thicker eyelashes. Treatment can start with application a few times a week to become comfortable with the serum, working up to once a day. Most patients notice changes in their eyelashes the first month and have final results by the end of the fourth month of treatment.

Once you achieve the results you desire with LATISSE®, you can reduce how often you use the treatment for maintenance. However, to keep your fuller or darker eyelashes or eyebrows, you must continue to use LATISSE® or they will return to their previous appearance.


of patients treated with LATISSE® in a clinical study saw significant improvement by 2 months after starting treatment.


Use of LATISSE® more than once a day will not increase the growth of eyelashes more than use once a day.


At 16 weeks in the clinical study, lashes were 106% fuller, 25% longer and 18% darker than patients in a placebo group.