Cupid Compendium

Help aesthetic practitioners across the globe perfect their skills in providing patients with the perfect pout.

Are you an ideal candidate for a Cupid Lift™ or injectable treatment?

Cupid Lips™ proudly introduces the Cupid Compendium, an educational platform tailored for fellow aesthetic professionals. This comprehensive program comprises modules, e-books, surgical footage, and lectures delivered by the globally recognized Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ben Talei.

We are currently inviting candidates to apply as surgical or injectable educational models, to be prominently featured in our instructional and educational Cupid Compendium materials.

Please provide your details below and apply today to become a participant in the Cupid Compendium program and receive your surgery and/or treatment procedure for FREE.

*Restrictions Apply, and only a select few candidates will be chosen.

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Surgical Candidates

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The Cupid Compendium serves as a premier aesthetics lip education provider, seamlessly integrating education and practical experience to assist providers worldwide in standardizing and enhancing the quality of lip treatments and procedures offered to their patients.

Following an initial consultation and evaluation with a Cupid Lips™ provider, you will be presented with an offer of either a complimentary procedure or a substantial reduction in the price of your procedure, this is based on a variety of factors as well as your practitioners recommendation.

Once you submit your details and intake photos, our medical concierge team will contact you to arrange an initial consultation with a Cupid Lips™ provider, either in person or virtually. During the consultation, you will directly discuss your aesthetic goals with the provider before receiving a quote for surgery. In this scenario, a payment waiver or discount will be applied to the total cost.


Participation in the Cupid Compendium program is contingent upon a thorough assessment of various factors and the formal evaluation and endorsement by a Cupid Lips™ practitioner. Cupid Lips™ shall not be compelled, under any circumstances, to furnish surgical or treatment services without charge to the patient unless explicitly elected to do so. By submitting an application to this program, the patient acknowledges the potential for partial or complete coverage of surgical expenses. However, such determinations are made on an individualized basis and are subject to limited availability. Cupid Lips™ reserves the right to modify, amend, or terminate any aspect of the Cupid Compendium program at its discretion, and without prior notice, for any reason.