About Us

Welcome to CUPID LIPS™ on Sunset, a one-of-a-kind center and leader in everything that is lips. We recognize that your lips are not just a facial feature; they are a powerful statement, a symbol of your personality, a portal to your sexuality, and a mirror reflecting your inner confidence.

Our vision is founded on the belief that achieving lip aesthetic perfection demands a unique fusion of artistry, expertise, and personalized care. We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in a world where transformation harmoniously coexists with luxury, all guided by the experienced eye of Dr. Ben Talei and his distinguished team of professionals.

Our artistic, welcoming environment and unwavering commitment to excellence position us as the ultimate destination for all your lip enhancement needs. Embrace the confidence accompanying beautifully enhanced lips and allow your mouth to convey your story. Welcome to a world where every smile is a masterpiece!

Our Services


The CUPID LIFT™ is the most advanced form of lip lift, using the CUPID algorithm to design the deep plane lip lift. This design, created by Dr. Ben Talei, can modify and improve lip shape, balance, contour, volume, and tooth show. Prior lip lifts have only been focused on lifting and shortening the lip height, often resulting in exaggerated or fake appearances. CUPID LIFT™ focuses on reverse engineering lip design to obtain the most balanced and natural results.


Lip Augmentation

Experience the artistry of our skilled professionals specializing in lip fillers. Whether you desire fuller lips, a defined cupid's bow, or a subtle enhancement, we tailor our techniques to your unique preferences. CUPID LIPS™ is known for the most natural form of lip augmentation and reversal of overdone, fake-appearing lips.


Lip Rejuvenation

Restore youthfulness and vitality to your lips with our rejuvenation treatments. Say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness and hello to soft, supple lips. We offer a range of treatments, including lip peels, laser therapy, and hydrating lip fillers. The PHAT Lips treatment is unique to CUPID LIPS™ and uses regenerative cells from your own fat and blood to rejuvenate the aging and damaged lip. 


Lip Care Products

Pamper your lips with lip care products from selectively chosen partners. From hydrating lip balms and exfoliating scrubs to long-lasting lipsticks and glosses, our products are designed to enhance and maintain the health and beauty of your lips. CUPID LIPS™ has an impressive array of products from around the world that are doctor recommended. 


Consultation and Customization

We believe in personalized experiences. Our comprehensive consultations ensure we understand your goals, preferences, and concerns. We create a customized treatment plan tailored specifically for you based on your unique needs.


Our Distinctive Differentiators

Dr. Ben Talei: Our Founder

World-renowned Dual Board-Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Ben Talei is best known for his natural-looking Deep Plane Face Lift, the Auralyft™, and pioneering Lip Lift technique, the CUPID LIFT™.   Dr. Ben Talei is considered the world’s top lip expert, having redefined the understanding of lips in the field of beauty and medicine. 

Esteemed and admired by fellow professionals and in high demand among Hollywood's elite, his work consistently establishes new benchmarks within his field. What sets him apart is his ability to see nuances never seen before and his unwavering commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of the most recent research. Driven by an innate pursuit of perfection, he approaches each procedure with a dedication that distinguishes him from other doctors.

Dr. Ben Talei is a distinguished figure known for his cutting-edge and innovative surgical techniques. His expertise has garnered him invitations to address audiences at both national and international medical conventions. 

His extensive research and numerous publications in prestigious medical journals and textbooks have substantially contributed to medicine. His publications on advanced face and neck lifting methods, revision rhinoplasty, and lip lifting serve as valuable educational resources for doctors worldwide. Dr. Ben Talei's commitment to advancing the field of facial rejuvenation is further evident in his willingness to host visiting surgeons, generously sharing his wealth of knowledge and teaching them his advanced surgical techniques.

His expertise and knowledge have led to his frequent appearances as a medical expert consultant on various television programs and in publications. These include notable shows like Dr. Phil, Inside Edition, The Doctors, E! News, Telemundo, and Univision. He has also been featured in respected publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, The Zoe Report, Coveteur, and The Hollywood Reporter, among others. His contributions and insights have made him an in-demand authority in medicine and facial aesthetics.

CUPID LIFT™ Procedure

At the heart of our center lies Dr. Ben Talei’s revolutionary CUPID LIFT™ procedure, a technique that has earned acclaim in the field of medicine. CPID, standing for Central, Peak, Intermediate, and Diagonal, refers to the names of the relaxed skin tension lines delegated by Dr. Talei to help understand the lip and provide meticulous measurements in this approach. The CUPID LIFT™ was designed to overcome the issues seen with prior types of lip lifts. 

For some patients, this may provide the permanent change they seek, while for others, it makes the lip more welcoming to treatments like fillers that some lips just weren’t made for.  As we age, many of us lose brilliance and brightness around our mouths as the lip begins to hood over and cover the teeth.  The CUPID LIFT™ is the ultimate procedure to restore dental show, and our specialists can work with your dental experts to maximize the improvements in your smile.  

The CUPID LIFT™ is typically performed under local anesthesia, using something like the injections gotten at the dentist. Incisions are discreetly placed beneath the base of the nose, nestled within natural creases, and occasionally on the lateral lip border, ensuring minimal visibility. 

The key modifications in flap elevation and tension-free skin closure result in swift healing and the rapid blending of incision sites. Notably, this technique avoids the major nostril widening often seen in other lip lift procedures, making it an attractive choice for individuals seeking natural and alluring enhancements.

The CUPID LIFT™ embodies our unwavering commitment to redefining beauty and rejuvenation. By subtly enhancing the shape and volume of the lips, this procedure brings out the innate beauty of one’s lips, achieving a natural yet captivating aesthetic. Our dedication to perfecting this art reflects our passion for highlighting the unique allure in every individual.

Global Reach

The reputation of the CUPID LIFT™ has transcended borders, drawing patients from all corners of the globe. Driven by our unwavering commitment to achieving exceptional results and providing an unparalleled patient experience, the CUPID LIFT™ has emerged as the most coveted procedure for individuals from diverse backgrounds who seek the highest level of lip aesthetic artistry.

Discover the artistry of CUPID LIPS™ and our dedicated team as they invite you to transcend conventional notions and embrace the limitless possibilities of lip aesthetic enhancement, all encapsulated in the allure of CUPID LIPS™, where redefining the beauty of lips is their specialty and can be found in one place.