Diamond Glow Treatment at Cupid Lips

Exfoliate. Extract. Infuse.

Book your Diamond Glow® Treatment by Cupid Lips™ Today and Receive a $100 Savings!

A Summer Approved Skin Treatment That Leaves You Glowing and Radiant.

The DiamondGlow® facial is a non-invasive procedure to revitalize your skin with exfoliation and infusion without lengthy treatments. The device combines exfoliation, extraction and infusion that is completed all at one time and customized to your skin concerns.

What is the DiamondGlow® Treatment?

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This offer is redeemable only once per patient, but if multiple DiamondGlow® treatments are purchased at one time the discount can be applied to all of those sessions. See medical concierge for more information.

While patients may notice immediate redness following the procedure, there is very little downtime and one can be expected to return to their regular routine same day if not the day after.


This treatment will be administered by Taylor Szupiany PA-C. Please note that this procedure will NOT be performed by Jennifer Hollander NP-C or Dr. Ben Talei, MD FACS

Disclaimer: This promotion allows you to save $100 off the regular price of $450 for a one-time DiamondGlow® treatment. Discounts for bulk treatments purchased at one time are available and can be discussed with our medical concierge. Please note that this promotion does not allow for rainchecks, refunds, or reschedules. The Diamond Glow treatment will be performed exclusively by Taylor Szupiany, PA-C, and is available to both existing and new patients. Dr. Ben Talei and Jennifer Hollander, NP-C will not be performing this procedure. Offer expires 8/31/2024